RESULTS GYM is moving!!

Over the last year, Results has grown with new members joining every month. Its because of this, today, we signed a lease for new premises.

On Monday 2nd November, Results will be located at Arch 19 South College Street. Some of you may know this as the old Aberdeen Combat Centre.

We are investing heavily in the new premises, and all our equipment, will be located indoors all under one roof. We also will be installing a 25 metre length of Astroturf (3 metres wide) so the prowler, sledges and tyres can all be used indoors, all year round.
For our Strongmen, all equipment will be indoors with part of the floor being left uncovered so farmers walk, yoke, chain drag etc can all be used indoors, all year round. The Atlas Stones and platform will also be indoors.
We are also installing new lifting, and deadlifting platforms, so our Olympic lifters and powerlifters will have dedicated training areas.

Also we will have new changing rooms, which will be a massive improvement on our current changing rooms, and we are sure the female members will appreciate proper changing rooms and showers for a change!

Myself and Iwona have taken a bit of a back seat from Results over the last 6 months or so, due to Isla’s arrival and work offshore. During this time, even with myself and Iwona not being there, the atmosphere has been electric! All the reports we get, have been so positive about the atmosphere, and we promise that this will not change at the new premises. The two things that make Results such a great place to train, is the atmosphere and the kind of people we have training there!

There will be some changes. For the first couple of months, the gym wont be open 24 hours. This due to the front door at the new premises, which needs new locks and upgraded security installed. We hope to have this installed asap but it may take a wee while.
The old “PIN CODE” system will end, we have a swipe fob system installed at the new premises. Over the first couple of weeks, fobs will be issued to all members.
There will also be a new gym form to fill in, this will incorporate a new gym induction section which every member has to complete.
The bank details will also be changing, this is due to us now having a Limited company and the bank requiring us to have a different bank account. We promise to try and make the transition as smooth as possible. The account wont be changing until at least the start of November. We will keep everyone updated on this.

Results will close on Friday 30th October at 1830, to allow us to move equipment etc to the new premises. The gym will stay closed until Monday 2nd November where the new Results will open at 8am. During the weekend there will be no access to the gym.

Myself and Iwona hope you will stay with us, and continue to make the gym such a great place to train and join us on the next chapter in the Results Gym story!!
If theres any questions at all, please contact myself or Iwona and we will answer you asap!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Donna and Lewis for running Results in our absence, both have done a fantastic job and we really wouldn’t have managed without their help!!!


Austen and Iwona

“We’re not here just to take part……………We’re here to take over!”

?#?BOOM?!! ?

SuperD Donnie Thompson is coming to Results Gym this Summer.

Tickets available now!! Go to Events/Seminars and book your place now. Limited spaces!!

A bit of news for our members concerning Results Gym.

As some of you may know, Graham Park is stepping down from Results Gym. Graham has been the man responsible for the success of Results Gym over the last 7 years, but due to work commitments and also due to Graham now being the Scottish rep for the IBFA, the time has come for him to retire from Results.

As of last Monday Austen Russell and Iwona Ottenbreit are now full owners of Results Gym. I have personally been involved with Results since day one, and Iwona for over the last 4 years. Both of us have worked hard to make Results the place it is today, and we will continue to work hard to make Results better and better in the future!

Graham will still continue to train at Results, hopefully for a long long time!!

Now down to the serious stuff, there will be changes to Results, these changes are for the best and to help keep Results running as well as it can do. Lewis Thomson is now also onboard to help Iwona and myself with the day-to-day running of the gym. He will be on hand for any queries etc about the gym.


We are delighted to inform you that Results Gym has been nominated for Independent Gym of the Year!!

Voting for the awards is now live and closes on the 30th of August.