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Strongman At Results

We have A wide selection of Strongman kit for moving, loading & static events

A strongman pulling a weighted sled along a stretch of astroturf

25m Length of astroturf

Need to train your moving events? Our grippy 25 metre run of astroturf is perfect for your training needs. We carry a wide selection of equipment for moving events-

  • Mirafit yoke
  • Sandbags up to 125kg
  • Farmers handles
  • Prowler & drag sled
  • Tractor tyres

Strongman Loading platform

Our robust, purpose-built, dual height loading platform is perfect for Atlas stones, kegs, sandbags & more.

If you are looking for implements to load with, we have-

  • Atlas stones up to 160kg
  • Sandbags up to 125kg
  • Kegs
  • Medicine balls
Strongman logs from Celtic Strength and FXR

static events

We have a large selection of kit suitable for static strongman events.

  • Selection of logs
  • Loadable circus dumbells
  • Axles
  • Deadlift & Power bars
  • Large quantity of calibrated steel plates
  • Various blocks & drop pads
  • Wagon wheels
  • Dinnie Stone handles (plate loadable)

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