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WHo is Results For?

Started by passionate lifters over 2 decades ago, Results Gym Aberdeen has continuously grown into one of the premier independent gyms in the North East of Scotland. 

Owner Lewis Thomson has pushed to build a hub of committed members for all strength and athletic disciplines.

Results Gym now operates 3 facilities in the heart of Aberdeen, each with a unique focus and accessible under a single monthly membership!


Are you new to the gym?

We have Personal Trainers and Coaches from a range of backgrounds that can help you with all manner of strength and fitness goals. You might want to try one of our Group Classes too!

Gym pros

We cater to many world-class athletes from a wide range of disciplines.

We have a thriving community of Powerlifters, Strongmen, Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, and field Athletes united by a common passion for training.


Looking for a change from your commercial gym? Do you want to train somewhere with a bit of atmosphere? You're not alone.

Let Results be your new home.
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3 gyms with cherry-picked Equipment

Over the years we have invested in a range of equipment for Powerlifting, Functional Fitness, Strongman, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting & Sports Performance. This wide athletic focus in a number of disciplines has created three of the greatest multi-purpose training facilities in Aberdeen.

We believe in the importance of quality barbells and speciality bars. We also have a wide selection of calibrated steel, bumper & cast iron plates to suit every discipline.

We have the usual machines you come to expect from every quality gym, such as a lat pulldown, cable crossover, smith machine, etc. Additionally, we have invested in some specialist machines such as our Glute Ham Raise, Belt Squat & Reverse Hyper Machines.

We also have a growing range of cardio equipment- treadmill, echo bikes, rowers, ski ergs and static bikes. If you’re looking for a different cardiovascular, why not try pushing the prowler (sled) along our 25 metre length of astroturf?

Looking for something specific?


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we offer single session day passes– try us out now.

COVID-19 opening information

Results Gym Aberdeen is currently closed due to tier 4 measures.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.