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Powerlifting At Results

We have invested heavily in the Bringing the best Powerlifting equipment to the north east of Scotland.


  • Eleiko IPF Competition Combo Rack
  • Primal Combo Rack
  • Primal Full Racks w/ mono attachment
  • Squat Stands
  • Various deadlift platforms


  • Eleiko IPF powerlifting competition bar
  • Texas and Rogue deadlifts bars
  • Strength shop bastard squat bar
  • Eleiko, Texas Power, Rogue & EFTS training bars


  • Large quantity of calibrated steel plates ranging from 25kg to 0.25kg
  • Tonnes of quality bumper & cast iron plates

We've got your accessories covered

We have a selection of amazing machines that will boost your performance on the platform.

  • Glute Ham Raise
  • Reverse Hyper Extension
  • Belt Squat Machine
  • Back Extension
  • A wide range of other cable and plate loadable machines

We also carry a massive selection of speciality bars- Safety squat bars, Trap bars, Cambered bars, Swiss Bars, Axles, & much more.

There is no end to the amount of variation you can apply to your programming with all manner of boxes, blocks, bands & chains. 

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COVID-19 opening information

Results Gym Aberdeen is currently closed due to tier 4 measures.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.