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Empowerment, Muscle building, Fat Loss, Powerlifting

Since 2022, I’ve been deeply involved in coaching and competitive powerlifting, and my passion for both roles continues to grow.

I am so excited to work with people to help them discover their true potential and support them on their unique journeys.

As a coach I have had the honour and privilege to work with a diverse range of people, from clients looking to enhance their overall lifestyle, shed weight, build muscle, or beginners and regular gym goers gearing up for their first powerlifting competition. While my coaching style mainly revolves around strength training, it accommodates all objectives.

I take pride in my prompt responses, tailored programming, constructive feedback and empathetic approach to meeting my clients’ needs.  No matter the skill level, background, or aspirations of the person, my aim is to provide each individual with equal consideration and attention. I am dedicated to continually improving my knowledge, refining my expertise, and delivering the best possible service to all.
Strength training has proven to significantly enhance confidence and I aspire to impart this transformative journey to others. It proves that we can do hard things, tackle challenges head on, surpass our initial expectations and that our goals can be limitless.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you think I could potentially be a good match for you.

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